Adel Termos: Who gave his life to save others!!

A marketplace erupted in Beirut as two suicide bombers tried to enter there. 43 lives were lost, and 239 were wounded due to the blasts. These figures might have been higher if a brave man weren’t there.

Adel Termos was with his daughter at the marketplace where he saw the first bomb go off.

Soon after it chaos and debris flew everywhere since people panicked to find shelter. There Termos noticed a second terrorist cum bomber preparing to attack.

Termos went straight to the man instead of running in the other direction, and got successful to tackle him. The bomb went off, killing both men. But with his brave act, Termos managed to save many lives.

She is his daughter, standing at her dad’s funeral, she was one of the lucky people who was saved by his dad’s heroic actions.